The Big Jungle Mix-Up

★ Written by Gareth Edwards
Illustrated by Kanako Usui
★ Published in The UK + South Africa
★ Publication date 2 February 2012
★ Published by Hodder Children's Books

The Big Animal Mix-Up

★ Written by Gareth Edwards
Illustrated by Kanako Usui
★ Published in The UK
★ Publication date 2 February 2011
★ Published by Hodder Children's Books

  • Birmingham Post: The Big Jungle Mix-Up  “big, bold and lots of fun”
  • Books For Keeps: The Big Jungle Mix-Up "huge entertainment value... a book to treasure and return to"
  • Junior: The Big Animal Mix-Up  "jolly good fun"
  • Carousel:The Big Animal Mix-Up "A book that invokes the imagination of children through large colourful illustrations, while testing their knowledge of which animal the author is actually describing."

Marron and Melon go to Italy

*************** NEW *******************
★ Published in Japan
★ Publication date 27 April 2010
★ Published by Kyoikugageki
☆ Marron and Melon the mice love eating though the only food they had on the island was potatoes. When they got totally fed up with potatoes, they saw a wonderful thing on TV...PIZZA! With the hope of having a huge pizza, they hop in a glass jar and venture out in the vast sea. Will they get to Italy? Will they get to have pizza?

Fly away, three duckling brothers (provisional)

★ Published in Japan
★ publication date 2 Sep 2009

★ Publisher PHP(Japan)
☆ This book's currently out just in Japan. The three duckling brothers are longing for "bird eye view". Every day, they practice flying with other flightless birdy friends. Can they make their dream come true?

Fantastic Mr.Wani

UK /Japan / France / Argentina / Taiwan
& others
★ PUBLISHED by Little Tiger Press, UK
Mr.Wani the crocodile is almost late for a party in town. But... the more he tries to hurry the more catastrophes he creates! Will he ever arrive on time and in one piece?
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Lazy Santa and Toto

★ PUBLISHED in The UK / Japan
★ PUBLISHED by Walker Books
Toto the sheep works day and night for Santa Clause. But one Christmas eve, he has to stand in for Santa's missing beard,and his life is changed forever.
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"My Favourite Rhymes" Series

The UK
★ PUBLISHED by Ladybird
★ PUBLICATION DATE september 2008
☆ All time favourite rhymes, illustrated by various illustrators. I contributed 3 illustrations.